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Wind ‘n Sun Power Technologies

We supply the Whisper Soft Windmill… the quietest of its size being made today.

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We provide alternative energy sources to our friends and neighbors in Northern Wyoming. Learn More…

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Find out about the people behind WISP and why we provide the neccessary tools for your energy needs. Learn More…

Many people in Wyoming are just plain tired of government control and regulation and the ever increasing costs of energy, plus everyone is looking for a bargain and with the rebates that are being offered from Washington, setting up an electric generating Windmills makes a lot of sense. Wyoming also offers the incentive of charging no sales tax on wind powered generating devices.

We've partnered with Mariah Wind Power to provide affordable, attractive, and silent vertical axis wind power appliance. Contact us or view our services to learn more.


Here is the first Windspire in Northern Wyoming. It's located at the home of WISP.
You can see it located at 32 Rd. 2 ABN, in Cody, Wyoming.